Laura and littlethingsandart

by Lene Setzer January 31, 2022

Five months ago, we spotted littlethingsandart's beautiful little trinket bowl - dubbed "little wavy" - on Instagram and fell in love with its organic shape. We were curious about the face behind littlethingsandart and that's how we met Laura.

Since then, Laura has been a loyal customer, we exchange ideas from time to time and follow our mutual developments. We really like her work and her authentic and loving way of presenting it. When we approached her with the idea of ​​writing a blog post about her and her work with clay, she was hooked right away. Your voice messages were at least as personable and open-minded as our previous contact. We are very happy that Laura is our first guest on this platform, on which we would like to introduce many more great faces with their inspiring clay works in the future.

Which face hides behind littlethingsandart

Behind littlethingsandart is Laura. She is 26 years old, comes from Kiel and lives there with her boyfriend in a 2.5 room apartment, where all her creative works are created. In addition to her master's degree in education, she likes to babysit, paints with acrylics and watercolors (mainly commissioned work) and potters for her life. Pottery has been her new passion since Christmas 2020 and so she is now (finally) the owner of her own kiln.

Laura loves homemade Christmas gifts and when she was looking for craft ideas for Christmas gifts, she came across the beautiful light houses from leelahloves. She got instructions and some air-drying clay and acrylic paints (since there were no firing facilities back then) and got started. Her joy and enthusiasm for working with clay grew, so she first looked for a firing service until her dream of owning her own kiln recently came true. In the process of her creative work, she developed her own small collection of jewelry bowls, flower vases, soap dishes, candlesticks, fruit bowls and much more.

Laura loves the limitless possibilities of pottery.

Laura likes to let off steam when it comes to shapes and colors and always being able to try something new. She prefers to just start making pottery and create spontaneous works. She is always surprised how many different great and useful things can be made from a piece of clay with her bare hands. She particularly enjoys kneading and shaping with her hands, as well as the endless possibilities for experimenting with form and color.

Laura's favorite pieces from her own collection are the pop vases.

Because of the intricate shape, Laura speaks of a "love-hate relationship" with the pop vases, but they are the product she is most proud of and with which she draws the most attention. Rightly so, we think - we love their pretty pop vases too.

Second comes their small and large wavy bowls. Laura finally lured us in with the little wavy bowl, so for us this product is like her little trademark. What Laura particularly likes about her bowls is that each bowl looks so individual, yet similar. She likes the feeling that she can't do anything wrong when it comes to creation and that something beautiful has always (toitoitoi) emerged. Anyway, she loves bowls more than anything. They look beautiful, are super multifunctional and are also super fun to shape. You can never have enough small and large bowls.

If you like Laura's works as much as we do, then feel free to visit Instagram @littlethinsandart_lr or her website .