Our values

We at mit-ton.de attach great importance to sustainability , environmental awareness and fair working conditions .

It is very important for us to consider these values ​​not only in our private lives, but also in the context of our professional activities. We see protecting our nature and counteracting climate change as one of the most important tasks of our generation.

We made a conscious decision to use label-free products, good working conditions and fair pay, as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing, packaging and shipping options.

The decision to use BOTZ glazes was therefore very easy for us. BOTZ has been producing a wide range of liquid glaze colors in beautiful Münsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia for almost 40 years. All colors are liquid, so that no harmful dust gets into the lungs, label-free and easy to use - even for children.

Our clay selection is sourced from Goerg & Schneider, one of the leading companies in the Westerwald in the extraction and processing of clay ceramic raw materials, and Wittgert, the oldest clay mining company in the Oberwesterwald.

We use almost exclusively recycled packaging materials and try to reuse all the boxes that come with the goods that we deliver. Our packages are sent with DHL GoGreen, so that the CO2 emissions of each delivery are compensated. As an option, we now also offer shipping with DPD for particularly heavy packages, such as shipping clay.