about us

Founding is a sibling thing

We've been a good team since we were little. But we never expected that we would found a company together. Our talents are completely different - which creates friction but also a lot of mutual support.

What definitely connects us both is the passion for creativity and craftsmanship.

We were immediately enthusiastic about the idea of ​​supplying our customers' creativity with an online shop for pottery supplies. We would like to constantly expand the range and align it with the wishes of our customers. Any feedback is welcome - we look forward to inspiring encounters in this wonderful and unique industry.

Lene Setzer

Lene is adventurous, ambitious, open and direct.

She actually wanted to study art and is very happy to be able to turn her interests into a career through mit-ton.de.

Marvin Setzer

Marvin is creative, knows what he wants and takes matters into his own hands. He feels comfortable in all kinds of crafts - the fascination for clay was not far away.