BOTZ Keramische Farben

Travertine 9899

  • Silky gloss, ocher-colored stoneware glaze with blue-green effects
  • The glaze has a very earthy character
  • Apply 2-3 x (rather 2x)
  • Ideal firing temperature 1250°C / holding time: 30 min
  • 1220°C: satin matt, slightly greenish ocher glaze with a very fine play of effects
  • 1250°C: silky glossy glaze with a beautiful play of colors of predominantly ocher with cream and blue effects, terracotta orange showing through when applied very thinly
  • 1280°C: silky gloss with a particularly beautiful play of colors of ocher and blue-green. When applied very thinly and terracotta orange is translucent on the edges
  • satin finish
  • stable in the firing range 1220°-1280°C
  • Suitable for eating and drinking