Goerg & Schneider

Clay No. 468 40% chamotte white - light cream

Goerg & Schneider Keramische Masse 468 is a plastic clay mass, individually packed (10 kg), so the smooth consistency of the mass remains for a long time.

It is suitable for building, modeling larger pieces, and as a slab mass.

It is a quality product from the Westerwald, made from local, natural raw materials.

Technical specifications:

Firing colour: white - light cream
Firing range: 980°C-1280°C
Fireclay share: 40%
Fireclay granulation: 0-0.5mm
Dry shrinkage: 5%
firing shrinkage:
1070°C: 2%
1140°C: 4%
1240°C: 5%
water absorption:
1070°C: 9%
1140°C: 6%
1240°C: 2%
CTE x 10-7/K (pre-firing 1070°C):
20°C - 400°C: 63
20°C - 500°C: 66