BOTZ Keramische Farben

White engobe 9041

  • Apply 2-3x to leather-hard to dry, unfired or biscuit shards with a brush or mallet
  • Unglazed, the engobes become earthy matt
  • You can achieve even stronger color intensity by glazing over thinly with 9106 transparent glossy
  • Also well suited for marbling technique and spring-loaded technique. To do this, use a little diluted on soaked bisque or leather-hard shards
  • Also ideal for sgraffito
  • Can be mixed with BOTZ 9450 (30% engobe, 70% glaze) to an inexpensive colored glaze with a silky gloss surface and fine dots, apply 3 times
  • Can also be used as casting clay for small objects, fire at 1050°C, sinters frost-resistant
  • frosted
  • stable in the firing range 900°-1100°C