BOTZ Keramische Farben

Craquelé turquoise 9352

  • Transparent, shiny craquelé glaze
  • May only be applied once as it tends to run very strongly
  • To avoid blistering, cook at 1000°C
  • Tends to blister on some clays when applied to both sides
  • The formation of cracks usually takes place during cooling in the oven and increases over time, sometimes lasting up to 1 week
  • If cracks do not appear, the glaze can also be taken out of the oven at approx. 100°C and quenched in cold water
  • The crackle net is colored with e.g. B. black ink, colorful acrylic paints, strong black tea or similar.
  • With a somewhat thicker application on horizontal surfaces, e.g. B. the inner surface of plates and bowls, an interesting, darker turquoise scale craquelure forms on some clays
  • glittering
  • tends to run
  • stable in the firing range 1020°-1060°C
  • forms cracks
  • Suitable for raku
  • semi-transparent