BOTZ Keramische Farben

Morganite 9316

  • delicate light pink in a semi-transparent surface with fine brown specks
  • easy to use in the wide firing range of 1020°-1280°C
  • at 1050°C: wonderful rosé tone with natural brown spots, almost opaque / apply 2-3x
  • at 1150°C: finely speckled with a semi-transparent surface / apply twice
  • at 1250°C: glassy, ​​semi-transparent surface with slightly more running delicate dots, apply 2x
  • tends to run when applied thickly from 1150°C
  • ideal for tableware
  • glittering
  • tends to run
  • stable in the firing range 1020°-1280°C
  • Suitable for raku
  • semi-transparent
  • Suitable for eating and drinking